About Us

Gillikin Consulting Group LLC is a media and ethics consultancy based in Grand Rapids, Mich.  The firm emphasizes:

  • freelance investigative journalism and niche journalism including tech, religion and ethics,
  • professional editing services,
  • business media solutions including search-engine optimization, web-presence management, social-media marketing, press liaison work and branding,
  • small-business startup, marketing and development strategies,
  • performance analysis including program/outcomes evaluation, and
  • professional ethics consulting.

Mission, Vision, & Values

At Gillikin Consulting, we believe our clients are business partners, not just a paycheck.  We actively cultivate long-term relationships with all of our clients, forming mutually beneficial networks to facilitate referrals and additional business.

It’s our mission to add real value to your business through improved marketing and communication strategies, more effective business processes, and more sophisticated ethical competency.

Gillikin Consulting honors the codes of ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists and the American Statistical Association.  We stand by the integrity of our work.


The president of Gillikin Consulting Group is Jason Gillikin.

Jason has a bachelor of arts degree in philosophy (ethics) and political science, with minors in history, Latin, and comparative religion. He is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality and has presented nationally on the subject of ethics and health care quality.

Jason has worked as:

  • a newspaper editor (opinion desk, copy chief, editor in chief)
  • a healthcare quality analyst/statistician
  • an ethicist (in a hospital environment)
  • a banking supervisor

Jason is presently a member of:

  • The Society of Professional Journalists
  • Investigative Reporters & Editors
  • The National Association of Healthcare Quality (volunteering on the editorial review board for the Journal of Healthcare Quality)
  • The American Statistical Association (currently 2009 publications officer for the Quality and Productivity section and 2010-2012 webmaster)
  • The American Society for Quality

Gillikin Consulting Group participates in an informal network of professionals representing diverse perspectives and industries.  Members of this group work with each other to add value to each member’s customer base.