Focus Areas

You need the right partner to satisfy your unique needs.  Gillikin Consulting Group has expertise in several major knowledge areas, including quality management, the health care industry (especially revenue cycle management), general statistics, program evaluation, comparative religion, and ethics/moral philosophy.  In addition, we have experience in newspaper management, trade-journal reviewing, cable television production, and Web design and site deployment.

Need more detail? Gillikin Consulting offers the following services:

Business Ethics Services

  • Ethics training
  • Policy development
  • Site assessments
  • Ethics consultative services

Business Development

  • “Gut check” consultation with prospective entrepreneurs
  • Business organization/registration guidance
  • Business-plan and marketing-plan development
  • Client-capture strategy

Business Effectiveness Services

  • Project management
  • Metrics/dashboard development
  • Lean/Six Sigma project mentoring

Copywriting, Public Relations, and Marketing

  • Ad design and copyproofing
  • General marketing strategy development
  • Event promotion and publicity
  • Press releases and media-management consulting
  • Speech writing and reviewing
  • Political campaign communication coordination
  • Market research (segmentation) and pricing/promotion strategy

Corporate Document/Information Services

  • Annual report development
  • Brochure, flyer, and booklet production
  • Business-plan coordination
  • Educational seminar development
  • General business-communication consulting
  • Periodical design, editing, and writing support
  • Grant proposals and evaluation reports

Personal and Non-Profit Document/Information Services

  • Individual writing coaching
  • Writing and communication workshops
  • Personal/non-profit Web development
  • Family and private history research/writing
  • Manuscript typing, editing, and preparation
  • Resumes

Freelance Journalism

  • Reviewing, column writing, string news/feature/analysis writing, personal profile development: expertise in health financing, quality management, ethics theory/application, comparative religion, political theory, men’s lifestyle
  • In-depth investigative journalism (research focus)
  • Trade/consumer magazine general assignments
  • Sidebar (calendar, supplemental data) management
  • Content editing and fact checking
  • Copyediting (AP and NYT stylebooks)
  • Rewriting
  • Manuscript evaulation

Online Presence Management

  • Web design and site administration
  • Web presence strategy development
  • Social-media marketing (SEM)
  • Search-engine optimization (SEO) strategy

Electronic and Broadcast Communications

  • Radio/TV copy development and editing
  • Screenwriting
  • Broadcast copyediting
  • TV production visual design support
  • TV/video production
  • Presentation (e.g., PowerPoint) design, review, and deployment

Editorial/Design Support

  • Personal and small-business desktop-publishing services
  • Photo management and image production/editing support
  • Small-press/small-run publication design, editing, and content management

Academic/Scholarly Writing

  • Editing and research support for term papers, theses, and dissertations
  • Encyclopedia-article writing
  • Research, editing, and ghostwriting support for academic books and journal articles